Matrix Multiplication in C++ using (*) Operator Overloading

We will now try to multiply two matrix by using the concept of operator overloading. The described way is very very easy to understand. We will be overloading "*" operator for this purpose. Although this can be done by any binary operator.

The If/Else statement in C++

The if else statement is a type of control structure. A control structure is a instruction, statement or group of statements which determines the sequence of execution of other statements. The basic operation of if else statement is that a statement or group of statements is executed under if, if the value of expression is true and if the expression is false, statements under else are evaluated. In C++ language, zero is false everything else is true. Statement associated either with if or else are executed not both group of statements are executed. The else clause is optional. 

Basic C++ Operations & Examples

In any language, there are some operators to perform arithmetic, logical and control operations. The basic operators which are used to perform arithmetic operations on integers are as follows:

C++ Basic Syntax

When we consider a C++ program it can be defined as a collection of objects that communicate via invoking each others methods. Let us now briefly look into what do class, object, methods and instant variables mean.

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